My name is Joshua Ong, and I am a photojournalist from the Midwest. My life has taken me on a journey that has shaped and sculpted me into who I am today. My youth was shaped by bold leaders who took the time to invest in the person they thought I could be.  I was a young man with little to no direction. These leaders came along side me, discipling and giving me the direction I needed. This gave birth to my desire to love the people of this world. I started to travel when I was 11, visiting my extended family in Indonesia. Starting in high school, I spent my summers in Nicaragua and Africa, building houses and helping the orphans there. Once I graduated high school, I spent my time traveling abroad. I ended up hitchhiking in New Zealand for a few months. There, we ministered to the homeless population by walking a mile in their shoes. Throughout all of this, I gained a passion to help and love the innocent, helpless, and broken of this world. Now I use my passion for helping and serving people to fuel my photojournalism. I am learning to give a voice to those who might not have one, to empower the innocent and stand up for them. Let's join arms in learning from helping the innocent. 


Email: ongjmo@gmail.com